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Custom Bayversed G1 Characers!
United Kingdom
Ok so a recent friend of mine convinced me to upload some of my drawings onto this website, i dont really consider myself an artist as that would be very disrespectfull to a lot of great art thats floating about here, im just a kid from Wales who wants to share to the world his own custom representations of certain beloved characters from the transformers franchise into real life scenerio's like the live action movie has done ever so greatly, this is currently a project in progress as i have only done 7 drawings so far and hope to do atleast 20, anyways if youve read this thanks for stopping by and thanks for looking at my drawings all criticism is greatly appreciated :)


Favourite genre of music: rock, alternative
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
King the predacons! Fearless decepticon ruthless and destructive.

So like always this is where I tell you about all my notes and all my plans on how this drawing came to be. None of the above happened this time around this time I went completely different and tried to embrace the random as it were I only had two themes in my head and that was 1.lion and 2.samurai

So it's probably quite easy to tell I cheated a little and used my drift sketches as the basis for razorclaw but the only thing that's left on the final product is the doors.

Because of my absence I really felt I should stepup and deliver a near perfect rendition of my favorite decepticon and call me biased I feel I delivered I wanted him to look deadly but strong I drew inspiration from cons like the dreads and also the predacons and this was the outcome I wanted the head to be quite unique from my previous drawings something not human like but quite ferocious then as I tried many times to incorporate a lions mane I felt I really delivered on that part I tried using a visor like G1 but it really didn't suit. Then I looked at G1 I liked the the look of his lion mode the most so I borrowed the G1 look of the feet and used it in my drawingthen to add emphasis on the prowess I gave him hind legs like a lion. Then if you look on his shoulder there's a Chinese character ot means king I felt that was quite creative as is the rising Sun decal on the car a little homage to the birthplace of transformers. Then as I looked to the dreads I saw lots of spines and spikes but nothing too exciting so I gave him spikes in his hips and spiked ribs also then I thought of the cybertron lion character and liked the idea of am over sized claw as a weapon but instead of it being a seperate thing I decided to just have his actuall hand to be the big claw itself. Call me biased again I probably sound awfull but I am so happy with this character and I really enjoyed revisiting this old favourite of mine which I have drawn and submitted on here several times now. So hey let me know what you guys think! Love to hear back from you all I've missed the feedback enormously. And if you happen to look through my gallery and think I should revisit an old drawing at all then let me know! Personally I'm thinking either outback or rack n ruin

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Happy Easter from Decepticon-Nation  =D
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Thanks buddy! Stay posted I've got a big project to share with the decepticon nation
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Hey. Love your designs.
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Hey thanks a lot man I really don't been on here for a while but thanks
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